Exciting Things from May’s Newsletter

~I hope this past month has been kind~ For me this past month is has been full of tears, anger, and insanity. Can you relate? I’m sure at some point in time, you could. However, in the midst of all that I’ve been chipping away at Bound, getting her ready for release in just one month.  How. Freaking. Insane.…

BOUND in the Writing Cave

From April’s Newsletter The subject line really does say it all.  Pack!! I’m soooo excited!!! While I’ve been locked away in the writing cave working on Bound and Dragonfly, other amazing things have been in the works. Things I can’t fully spill yet but I can hint to. Things like bonus scenes, new stories, co-writes, and shared…

Who is B. Livingstone

I go by many names. Most around me just call me B, Mom, or Bish, depending on who’s yelling at me at the moment. I am a US Northern Native turned Southern Bell, thanks to my husband. I am a lover of books–RHs and MCs being my current favorites–coffee, hot chocolate, tea, Cheez-Its, movies, and most…

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