**Click the purchase buttons to be taken to the series landing page on Amazon, where you will find the complete blurbs and book information. Each of my books contain trigger warnings, please review those before reading. For more in depth information regarding triggers and content please email, blivingstone.author@gmail.com**
Happy Reading.


Do You Enjoy : 
🖤Dark Contemporary Romance 
🔪Slow Burn
🩸 Protective Crimelords 
🖤Evil Cults
🔪A strong FMC
🩸 Taboo Kinks
🖤Age-gap romance
🔪Mafia Justice
🩸 A Survival Story
Then you’ll love the Lost Soul Trilogy


What happens when the dutiful wife is pushed too far?
Rebellion and Freedom.

While the whole world searches for the senator’s missing housewife,
Zoey crafts a plan to guarantee she steers clear of their radar.

But when three gorgeous brothers and a high school sweetheart barge into her new life,
will she throw caution to the wind and potentially risk her safety for the chance at something real?

Ride along, as Zoey must decide between second chances and new romances, or remaining in the shadows—safe and unseen.


A story of live, love, and the will to survive.
Four alpha wolves, one alpha bear, and one desolate alpha she-wolf. 
The past has come full circle and it’s time to put an end to his tyranny.
BONUS : A Shadowcrest Christmas | Holiday Novella
This Christmas, the unpredictable may cause the bonds between Riley and her mates to shake, but will they break, or be shaped into something new and stronger than before? 
Join us for Christmas miracles and finding joy in the unexpected.


Death isn’t the end of the story.
It’s just the beginning of a new chapter.
New beginnings.
New challenges to overcome.
New love to explore.

Fairly Twisted Chronicles


A two part, bear shifter, paranormal love story, loosely based off of the Goldilocks and the Three Bears fairytale.

So Many Still To Come

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