All New Newsletter-November Highlights

Block 4th
Welcome to my new newsletter. If you’re reading this email right now that means you like me, you really like me! Naw actually you checked that little “yes, I’d like to subscribe” box or joined in a giveaway, either way—WOW am I beyond grateful to have you join the newsletter family. *cue the happy tears*

In all seriousness, I’m happy you’re here on this crazy wild ride with me and I’m so excited to have this medium to share all the ups and downs, sad times and good times, pre-orders and new ideas, successes and failures.

No, I don’t expect you to read every single one of these I send out. Yes, there will be a graded quiz. NO THERE WON’T! WHAT?!? Just kidding. But really, there may be some fun times and giveaways in the future. Stay tuned.Block 8th

Whether you’re lying in bed late at night accidentally dropping your phone on your face (sorry about that, I’ve done it too), stuck in an Uber in traffic (thoughts n’ prayers, I hate that), bored in the bathroom (we all do it, right?), or deleting this thing every time in lands in your inbox, I’m so glad to know you’re out there!

You’re the best readers a small town author could ask for and I can’t wait to start sharing my secrets with you! Until, next time … Happy Reading!!!

         xoxo,             B.

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