Exciting Things from May’s Newsletter

~I hope this past month has been kind~

For me this past month is has been full of tears, anger, and insanity. Can you relate? I’m sure at some point in time, you could. However, in the midst of all that I’ve been chipping away at Bound, getting her ready for release in just one month. 

How. Freaking. Insane. Is. That!?!? 

I honestly can’t believe we’re here already. It feels like it was only yesterday that I got the idea for this story (in reality it was over a year ago) and now here we are, book one is about to hit shelves and kindles. 

On another note : I have a very special surprise that I hope you all will love as much as I do. Someone sent me something very inspiring, I loved it so much I want to put it in book three. She reached out to the creator who gracefully gave me permission. Later I checked out more of his work, which was overwhelming, soul-touching, and awe inspiring. So, I reached out this time to get permission to use more of their work. When you get your copy of Bound, be sure to check out the dedication page. 

That’s all from me right now. Be sure to read all the way to end to catch the latest news from Cerby and Nix (Hint: there’s talk of giveaways)

Time to get back to the writing cave. Until next month, stay safe, stay healthy, and happy reading. ~ B.

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