BOUND in the Writing Cave

From April’s Newsletter

The subject line really does say it all. 

Pack!! I’m soooo excited!!!

While I’ve been locked away in the writing cave working on Bound and Dragonfly, other amazing things have been in the works. Things I can’t fully spill yet but I can hint to. Things like bonus scenes, new stories, co-writes, and shared worlds. 

Speaking of new stories … Did you catch the cover and blurb debut of Bound?? I can’t tell you how thrilling and twisted this one is. I honestly never thought it could be so much fun playing on the dark side. I should have suspected it’d be fun though … They do have cookies

What’s your favorite cookie? Mine has always been and will forever be a classic. Warm, fresh from the oven, chocolate chip.

Anywho, I totally got off topic there. Bound’s cover and blurb released last week on Thursday. If you haven’t seen them yet, check them out below. 

Another fun piece of news for you : if you haven’t joined my readers group, you’re going to want to this week. While I’m locked in the writing cave all week, Niki Trento, my wonderful and very supportive, very gorgeous PA, will be giving free stuff away. 


Time to get back to the writing cave. Until next month, ~ B.

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