2023 … What to say about 2023 so far?

From the read of January’s Newsletter
2023 … What to say about 2023 so far?
It’s been heartbreaking, soul-crushing, and down right painful so far. It’s brought with it new challenges and so much change I just wasn’t prepared for. Because of this, plans I had made for this year have had to be tweaked, altered, or canceled.

What can we expect in 2023?

Releases still to come in 2023 include:
Dragonfly the Novella
A Night of Temptation and Lust
A Night of Flesh and Gluttony
Lost Soul Books 3 & 4
Ours to Keep Anthology debuting the first Lost Soul Series spin-off
Joker’s Wild Series Books 1 & 2

Amidst all the struggles this year has brought so far, I’m still very excited to see where it will take it me in the end!!! 

May Your 2023 Be Filled With Many Blessings!!
         xoxo,             B.

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